Anna Dalosi

Anna Dalosi has broad experience in European programmes as a project manager, trainer and evaluator. A real devotee of lifelong learning, she holds a BA in Education and Psychology, a Diploma in Counselling and Careers Advisory, a Master’s in Education and a Master’s in Business Administration. Anna relocated from Greece to Cyprus in 2007 as an Expert Consultant / Careers Adviser for the Ministry of Employment, specifically to work on the Modernisation of the Public Employment Service (PES) project. Thereafter she worked as an EU Project Manager in the Cyprus Youth Clubs Organization (2009- 2010) where she returned to take up the role of Executive Director (2015-2016). She was also the Project Manager of the Industry Liaison Office of the Cyprus Open University from 2012 to 2015. As a private careers adviser in Cyprus, Anna offers careers counselling to students and adults. As a freelance trainer, she works with private companies and public organisations across Cyprus, Europe and MENA. Anna is a founding member of SEAL CYPRUS, an NGO offering customised education, training and career resource solutions. The NGO also supports capacity building of organisations by offering training in leadership, project management and dissemination strategies.

Language(s): Greek, English


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