Anna Prodromou

Anna is a communications professional with experience in the field of internal and external communications and media. She holds an MSc in Communication & New Journalism and has a special interest in (interactive) media, gender communication as well as raising awareness around gender representation and participation in media. She now works as a project manager on a number of NGO projects, winning awards such as the 12th Cyprus National Business Woman of the Year 2018 (Corporate Category). She’s been a local journalist/news producer for ZDF German Television over the past seven years. She recently carried out, as a researcher, an extensive review of the social science literature relevant to the project called Affective Influences on Public Opinion toward Emerging Technologies: The Role of Social Media by the Open University Cyprus. She has volunteered in organisations such as Person to Person (USA) and UCYVoice (CY). Also, she was the founding member (and later Secretary General) of the Faros Association (CY). She is currently an Executive Committee member of Join2Media.

Language(s): Greek, English, French

Expertise: Communications


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