Areti Stylianou

Areti Stylianou specialises in empowering educators who teach primary-school students with disabilities, as well as those coming from disadvantaged backgrounds. She focuses particularly on identifying the barriers holding teachers back from reaching their students, and guides them via effective and practical advice. In her 7 years as a primary school teacher, Areti gained hands-on experience addressing students’ needs; she initiated programmes promoting the inclusion and integration of immigrant students and students with disabilities in mainstream classrooms. She also provided teacher training on inclusive education in the framework of Continuous Professional Development through the Cyprus Pedagogical Institute. Her research on inclusive education has been published in renowned academic journals, while her book proposal for teacher empowerment in the context of inclusive education has been approved by Routledge in the UK. Areti received her PhD in Education from University College London, Institute of Education (2016) and her Master’s degrees in Special / Inclusive Education and Applied Linguistics from the Open University, London. She holds a BA from the Department of Social Sciences / Primary Education at the University of Cyprus (2002). She currently works at the Cyprus Pedagogical Institute in the Curriculum Development Unit. She has previously worked at the Centre for Educational Research and Evaluation and the Teacher Training Department.

Language(s): Greek, English, French


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