Argyro Toumazou

Argyro Toumazou works as an independent strategist, curator, planner, producer and organiser of cultural activities. Over the last decade, she has cooperated closely with local artists’ groups and Cypriot NGOs and has gained extensive experience in bi-communal programmes and art initiatives, working in close collaboration with local authorities, UNDP Cyprus, the EU and the Cultural Services. She has coordinated and co-managed projects such as Confrontation through Art (2014 - 2017), Buffer Zone (2013), the MAX Busking Musicians Walk (2012),, UNCOVERED (2011), UN Revolving Art Exhibitions (2009 - 2011), 50 Years of Artistic Creation (Oct 2010), Little Land Fish, Istanbul (2010). Since 2013, she has also been the Business Manager of, which specialises in training organisations on innovation, creativity and leadership. Argyro is a long-time contributor to theatre reviews in TimeOut & the Wiz Urban Guide. She was a founding board member of the Cyprus Clothing Industry Association and the Cyprus Fashion Resource Center, and served, respectively, as Treasurer and Acting Director. She has extensively held entrepreneurial and managerial roles (1983-2000) in the family-owned clothes manufacturing company. She studied European Literature & Economics (BA), Business Administration (MBA), and Small Business Development (ILO). In 2003 she trained in the British Council’s ‘Civil Society and NGO Enhancement in Cyprus’ programme.

Language(s): English, Greek


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