Christina Demetriades

Following her 10 years of experience in public sector recruitment, Christina chose to retrain and launch her own practice as a Career Coach, Life Coach and Trainer. Christina holds a degree in Philosophy (University of Bristol), Master's degrees in International Relations (London School of Economics) and in Guidance (University of West of England), as well as a professional qualification in Career Guidance (Career Development Institute, UK). She coaches and empowers people in their personal and professional quests for effective, long-lasting positive change. She works one-to-one as well as in groups, offering workshops and trainings to diverse groups of people, in collaboration with governmental, semi-governmental and non-governmental organisations, as well as private companies. She is passionate about positive transformation through personal and professional development, starting from the personal level, to the communal, the societal and the global level. Through her work, and also as a peace and environmental activist, she motivates people to take personal responsibility in order to achieve conscious, fulfilling living. Christina hosts ‘Emerging Voices’, a fortnightly online radio show on MYCYradio where, for the 5th year running, she gives an opportunity to those who have a powerful message for positive transformation, yet no exposure on mass media, to be heard globally. Christina is the Board Treasurer of the European Mentoring & Coaching Council - Cyprus and a long-standing member of the Cyprus Youth Council's Pool of Trainers.

Language(s): Greek, English, French, Italian


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