Iro Kaskani

Iro attended university in Florence, Italy, completing her studies in architecture at the Università degli studi di Firenze in 1994. She attended jewellery design courses and received training in goldsmithing at the Scuola professionale dalla Regione Toscana. She worked as an architect up until 2007 and also presented three personal exhibitions on contemporary jewellery in Cyprus. Since 2008, she has fully dedicated herself to the art of jewellery-making. She has participated in group exhibitions on contemporary jewellery in Cyprus, Greece, Germany, Denmark, Spain and China. She taught jewellery design in Cyprus at the Aigaia School of Fine and Applied Arts from 2006 to 2013. Her creations have been included in a number of thematic publications.

Language(s): Greek, English, Italian

Expertise: Jewellery-making


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