Julia Stavrou

Julia Stavrou is an executive coach and business consultant, with broad experience in management positions. She founded her own consulting company, Amuzo Consulting, in 2016, helping businesses improve their performance and optimise their processes. Prior to her move to Cyprus, Julia was the Commercial Director of a petrochemical distribution company, responsible for the sales activity of over 50 people in 9 branches across Latvia. In Cyprus, she became the Head of Operations and Business Development at a global petrochemical trading company, where she successfully optimised the workflow of the back office and implemented a quality management system. Julia then took a role as Managing Director at a new logistics startup, where she set up the entire business, including establishing a new distribution network, internal structure and processes, as well as team management. The company went on to receive the 2016 CIBA Award for Excellence for their entrepreneurship. She holds a BA in Information Systems in Management and an MBA from the Baltic International Academy in Latvia, as well as an MA in Organizational Leadership from The University of Oxford’s Said Business School. Julia is also an ICF-certified coach. 

Language(s): English, Russian


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