Lissa Jataas

Lissa is an activist who believes in supporting and educating women on their rights in labour, sexual health and LGBT issues. She is the co-founder of Obreras Empowered, an association that promotes the rights of housemaid-carers (HCs) in Cyprus and fights against the exploitation of women. She has been involved in a number of projects and initiatives: she is the instigator of iCare, an app dedicated to open educational and training courses, as well as Massive Open Online Courses (MOOC), which provide HCs with ICT, social and basic patient care skills. It also acts as a community awareness project, creating a network of support for HCs. She is also involved in EcoHousehold Mind, a project enabling housemaids to improve their livelihood through the recycling of plastics. Currently, she is focusing on improving the healthcare available to HCs through mediation with insurance companies, striving to promote and enable access to the medical care to which HCs are already entitled. She has also previously written articles for Cyprus press publications and enjoys coaching her volleyball team.

Language(s): English, Filipino


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