Lorraine Marriott

Lorraine has over a decade of professional experience in supporting organisations to strengthen, grow and increase their capacity. Lorraine has supported a number of organisations across Europe, the Middle East and Northern Africa, particularly in income diversification, through working with donors, the private sector and government. Lorraine also has substantial experience in the management and monitoring of field projects under EU-, UNDP- and USAID-funded programmes, including the preparation, promotion, management and implementation of grant-funded programmes in rights-based approaches, child protection, peace and reconciliation and institutional capacity building. She also supported civil society organisations in the Greek Cypriot and Turkish Cypriot communities over the past 10 years and provides mentoring to encourage greater bi-communal contact to further any future peace process. Lorraine led the development of the Civicus publication for Cyprus and the Civil Society Index 2011, which facilitated planning of future strategies to strengthen Cypriot civil society organisations and their strategic operations, and which helped to strengthen the framework in which civil society operates. Lorraine enjoys working fragile contexts, being a member of the Concord 'Peace and Fragility Working Group' and has been supporting the World Vision response to the Syrian crisis over the past 4 years, in addition to working in Afghanistan, the Palestinian Territories and Lebanon.

Language(s): English


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