Magda Zenon

Magda has been a life-long peace and human rights activist, her context shaped by living in South Africa, Greece, and now Cyprus, where she has resided for the past 16 years. Since moving to Cyprus she has focused on gender violence and women‘s participation and the integration of the gender perspective in the peace process. She is a founding member of Hands Across the Divide, the island’s first women’s organisation, an active member of the Cyprus Women’s Lobby as well as the Gender Advisory Team, an ad hoc group of women that developed specific proposals with a gender perspective. Finally, Magda is a great believer in the power of storytelling—to this end, she has spent the last four years as the host of kaleid’HER’scope, an online radio programme for MYCYradio. Kaleid’HER’scope is a forum for women’s voices that might not otherwise have access to traditional media. Magda has conversations about gender-based violence, sexual and reproductive rights, trafficking, women and peace and women’s participation in decision-making.

Language(s): Greek, English


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