Maria Theocharides

Maria comes from a family of eye care professionals, her father having been one of the first UK-qualified optometrists in Cyprus. She studied Orthoptics at Liverpool University, graduating in 1996. In 1999, she received a degree in Optometry from City University (London) and won the Naylor Prize, which is awarded to the best dissertation from UK optometry universities. She has an additional award from the Institute of Optometry. After working in London as an optometrist for 5 years, she returned to Cyprus in 2004. Maria’s new practice takes a specialised approach, covering child eye tests, strabismus and double vision testing. She also does vision screening in kindergartens, addressing an important issue, as there is no early, analytical service available in Cyprus. Her work in clinics made her realise that there is a need for low vision specialists and low vision aids. Seeing a gap in eyecare, she completed a specialisation on low vision in New York and set up the only specialist low vision testing in Cyprus.

Language(s): Greek, English

Expertise: Eye care, Optometry


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