Marianel Coolen

Marianel connects with people. She is driven by helping people grow and seeing them reach their full potential.  As a multidisciplinary professional, with more than 12 years of work experience in over 20 countries, her area of expertise and passion are in learning and development. This includes personal facilitation of learning, training, and instructional design. She focuses on strategy and has exceptional interpersonal skills. In past roles, Marianel designed training strategies, tools and processes to facilitate learning of hundreds of staff in the humanitarian sector. She has successfully developed, managed and implemented over 50 blended learning simulation events in Latin America, Asia, the Middle East and Africa. This diverse exposure has strengthened her skills in working with people of cross-cultural backgrounds, as well as her capabilities in managing the political landscape of large and complex organisations. Marianel holds a MA in International Relations & Diplomacy and an BA in International Relations & Political Science. She recently furthered her studies in adult learning and instructional design from Harvard University and the American Association for Talent Development. She is passionate about her family and kids and as mother of two toddlers, she is engaged on an entirely different level of experiential adult learning. Her hobbies are socialising, singing opera & jazz, salsa dancing and cooking; along with these, she is passionate about volunteering and reaching out to people in need.

Language(s): English, Dutch, Italian, Spanish


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