Memnia Theodorou

Memnia is the first Cypriot to have sailed with a racing team from the UK to Australia, covering over 18,000 nautical miles. She is a keen traveller and adventurer, having explored over 40 countries, taking part in activities such as skydiving, paragliding, white-water rafting, trekking, scuba diving, wind surfing, surfing and of course, sailing. Memnia is passionate about sharing her experiences and motivating others; she does this through both motivational talks, for example, at TEDxNicosia, AIPFE Incredible Women, and CYTA’s Inspirational shots and through her writing. She is currently working on publishing her memoirs, which she hopes will inspire and motivate youngsters and adults alike. Her next project is illustrating her story in a children’s book, as she believes in the importance of young girls to have roles models. Memnia is also a practising dentist in the NHS and private sector in the UK, looking after about 4,000 patients, but also commutes to Cyprus professionally, where she plans to open her own dental practice. In order to achieve a balanced lifestyle, she has worked hard on her adaptability and communication skills, as well as being a leader and team player. Memnia holds a degree in Dentistry from the Aristotle University in Greece, and 3 postgraduate degrees, including a Certificate from King’s College London in Aesthetic Dentistry.

Language(s): English, Greek


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