Nasia Alexandrou

Nasia Alexandrou is the Quality Manager of one of the biggest halloumi producers and exporters in Cyprus. As the leader of the HACCP team, she collaborates with international food safety teams, achieving a quality standard far above the national benchmark. She implements her experience in food quality and safety while managing a quality control team, training a diverse workforce and organising large-scale projects. Nasia has worked in many roles and companies, allowing her to gain insight into the numerous aspects of food safety. She was a food chemist and microbiologist first, carrying out food analysis extensively. There, she was able to put scientific theory in practice and understand the microbiological and chemical safety (or lack of) in food products. She then expanded into the field of food safety assurance, working as a food safety consultant, liaising with clients all over Cyprus. Nasia helped them produce the safest, best quality products and implement their safety system that would be efficient, while avoiding being a barrier to everyday operations. She also ran training seminars on basic food hygiene, personal hygiene, food safety and quality systems. Nasia has an undergraduate degree in Chemistry, with a focus on Food Chemistry, and a master’s in Food Safety and Quality Assurance.

Language(s): Greek, English

Expertise: Food safety


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