Nina Noutsa Poulouzasvili

Nina Noutsa is an artist, creative director and set designer. She co-founded the T.E.A.M Hip Hop Collective Centre in 2014 in order to bring hip hop artists together and spread the essence of the culture (peace, love, unity and having fun) to dance students and the community alike. As a dance teacher she uses alternative methods of teaching in order to promote social awareness and transformation through artistic forms. T.E.A.M stands for True Enforcers of Advance Movement, which aims to become the first hip hop theatre company on the island, using culture as a tool to promote social awareness and understanding. The aim of all T.E.A.M projects is to project social context and reality through storytelling, using art, dance, theatre and elements from hip hop culture. Nina’s collective has represented Cyprus in the Urban Art & Social Entrepreneurship project in countries like Spain and Guatemala through Erasmus+. Nina’s formal education was in Architectural Interior Design at the University of Derby in the UK and at the University of Nicosia. Using principles of architecture and concept design, together with her passion for hip hop culture and dance, she promoted the essence of hip hop culture within academia. Her dissertation was on Architecture in the creation of Hip Hop Culture.

Language(s): Greek, English, Russian

Expertise: Youth work, Dance


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