Simone Erotokritou

Simone is a branding coach, art director and educator dedicated to helping purpose-driven experts build and grow impactful online brands to establish their expertise, attract their dream clients and positively influence the lives of others. With over two decades of experience in branding, strategic design, advertising and creative consulting she’s worked with hundreds of clients, in dozens of industries, with some of the most sought-after brands.She’s had the honour of coaching visionaries, entrepreneurs, creatives, coaches, consultants, businesses, organisations and NGOs helping them take smart, strategic steps to establish and monetise their expertise in the online world. Simone believes in the power of pursuing your purpose. She encourages experts to find their own voice, leverage their uniqueness and share their expertise in order to reach more people. She does this by speaking, coaching, consulting and hosting workshops about branding, purpose, and content strategy.

Expertise: Consulting, Coaching


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