Stalo Lesta

Stalo Lesta is a driven human rights activist; she works with civil society as a researcher, trainer, consultant and workshop facilitator. She is passionate about human rights education, women’s rights, gender equality, LGBTI rights and sexuality. Since 2007, Stalo has been a consultant to NGOs in the areas of vision and mission development, strategic thinking and planning, volunteer recruitment, management, and monitoring and evaluation. Since 2005, she has collaborated with the Mediterranean Institute of Gender Studies in numerous projects around the promotion of healthy adolescent relationships and combatting gender-based violence. A real devotee of non-formal education, Stalo has extensive experience in developing training materials, manuals and handbooks. As an active member of the Family Planning Association for the past 18 years, she offers broad expertise in the field of sexual rights, especially in the implementation of comprehensive sex education in elementary and secondary schools.  In 2012, together with other like-minded activists, Stalo founded Shield Against Homophobia in Education, an organisation committed to supporting young people, educators and professionals in combatting homophobia, bullying and abuse. She is also a founding member of Birth Forward, an association promoting women’s and children’s rights in pregnancy and birth; she remains involved as a human rights expert on the organisation’s advisory board.  Stalo dreams of a world that embraces diversity, justice and equality and is committed to empowering women, children and young people in asserting their rights.

Language(s): Greek, English


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