Xenia Danos

Xenia is an expert in education with a passion in learning and development. Throughout her career she experienced the learning and development process from a variety of angles. As a secondary teacher, she witnessed positive transformations in students who had been labelled weak or as troublemakers, who in fact went on to find inspiration, setting and achieving their life goals. As a teacher, Xenia had a dual realisation: she had very little power to change the school system, but remained interested in understanding the patterns she had witnessed. This led her to do a PhD in human cognitive development (i.e. learning and teaching) with regards to visual intelligence, focusing on how humans learn and how new knowledge is constructed. She has been working on learning and development ever since; teaching, coaching and mentoring people from as young as 10 to adults of over 80 years old. Over the past five years, she has worked on various EU-funded research projects, focusing on teaching and learning pedagogies, problem solving competences, creativity competences and the ability to communicate through still visual images such as maps and drawings. She is currently working as an education officer and research coordinator in a Vocational Education Training centre.

Language(s): Greek, English


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