Yiota Nicolaidou

Yiota Nicolaidou is on a mission to eliminate terrorist and information security attacks (both cyber and physical) on businesses, by demystifying their security and simplifying their protection. Yiota is a former Communications Affairs Attaché for the Cyprus government, a Safety Critical Infrastructures adviser and Director of Regional Control Center of Operations for the Cyprus Civil Defence, information security analyst & strategist for the Cyprus Cyber Security Organization (CyCSO) NPO, an ambassador and correspondent for the Olbios Network for Action and finally, the founder of Y. Secure World Vision, an international company enabling businesses to protect their valuable assets. Trained in Safety Critical Systems and Highly Classified Information, Yiota was the star pupil and mentee of Professor Dhiraj Pradhan, an ACM award winner and adviser, amongst others to NASA. Her academic qualifications include a degree in Hardware Design, a master’s in Advanced Microelectronic Systems Engineering with further specialisation in fault tolerance, hardware security, usable security & human brain functionality. Yiota’s expertise has been sought out by top semiconductor companies, Boeing, the European Space Agency, Europol, and governmental agencies fighting cyber-terrorism; she has also undertaken government-based safety critical infrastructure re-design related to public protection and the state. Yiota focuses her training model on holistic security, strategy and mental behavioural models. She also helps non-profit organisations by supplying them with the required technological tools.

Language(s): English, Greek


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