How to choose the best property manager to look after your home

By Melissa Marie Lowndes

26 June 2017

Expert: Melissa Lowndes
Category: Expert Insights

Whether you’re renting out your precious home or have bought a property to let as an investment, it´s still your palace and you’ll want it to be looked after, not just by a good property manager, but an excellent one.

You’ve probably spent a vast sum of money on your villa, put a lot of love into it, and expect your tenants to treat it in the same way you do. This is why you need to find a reputable property manager who will care for your home.

Most websites use the words ‘dedicated’ and ‘quality service’ but these are just empty words – anyone can write them on a website. How do you find a property manager you can really trust?

Considering these points when looking for a property manager in Cyprus (or anywhere else in the world!) will help ensure you find the best.

  1. First impression on meeting face-to-face – when you meet your property manager do you feel at ease with them? Do they reassure you that they will take care of your property and are they professional? First impressions count for a lot and you must be comfortable with the person/company who is going to manage your home. Also, are they efficient? Do they return your calls and emails promptly?
  2. Tenants – ask the property manager how they find and select tenants. A good one will have a meticulous application system, check references, meet the tenants in person, and follow up any issues immediately. If your villa is a holiday rental, the property manager should take a deposit at the time of booking and make personal contact with the visitors.
  3. Finance – a property manager will have efficient financial systems in place, so you, the landlord, get paid on time. They should also assure you that if there are any problems with payments you’ll be advised immediately and they’ll follow the necessary procedures to obtain your money.
  4. Availability – it’s essential that a property manager has a team in place that is on call 24/7 to deal with any emergencies that may arise.
  5. Security – a property manager should carry out regular inspections of your property to check everything is ok. This should happen automatically without you having to ask. If there are any problems (water damage, damp, electrics, property broken into) the property manager should contact you so you can decide how to proceed.
  6. Clarity – expect a good property manager to be able to show you a proposal in writing regarding the management of your property (for example, pay the utility bills, produce an inventory, check tenants and visitors in and out, renew the lease, maintenance, and cleaning). Never assume that anything will be done (such as pool cleaning) unless it’s specified in a contract between you and the property manager. All telephone conversations and meetings should be followed up in writing and there must be a contract signed by both parties so everything is clear and transparent.
  7. Reputation – this counts for everything. Ask around as word-of-mouth testimonials are far more valuable than the property manager telling you they will do a fantastic job. Marketing is also important. If a property management company ranks highly on a Google search and has a clear marketing strategy then they are serious about promoting their business and finding you tenants. No marketing = no visibility and probably no budget.
  8. Extras – does the property manager offer any extras to tenants, which shows they go the extra mile to ensure client satisfaction? Both the tenant and the landlord are clients, so the property manager has to keep both happy. For example, with holiday lets, does the property manager provide a special (not just the standard) welcome pack, a guide to the local area, babysitting services, catering in-house – all those things that will make a holiday exceptional to encourage repeat business?